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DESH currently implements the Health Action Program for Progress of Youth (HAPPY), a customized program designed with an objective to promote health and reduce the vulnerability to substance use / abuse among youths. HAPPY is based on the methodology of DESH’s successful programs for youth and supported by IL&FS Tamil Nadu Power Company Limited (ITPCL).

DESH will train a cadre of special teachers and peer educators from classes 6 to 12 in 20 schools in Parangipettai Block, Cuddalore District

HAPPY is delivered in the schools at four levels as follows:

 Level 1 – Specialization: (Selection and training of ‘Special’ Teachers): Two selected teachers from every school will be trained to take responsibility as ‘Special Teachers’ for all future HEALTH ACTION PROGRAMS for PROGRESS of YOUTH – ‘HAPPY’ in the schools.

 Level 2 – Sensitization: At the second level the two special teachers will sensitize all teachers handling classes six to twelve through a workshop on:

  1. Information and Awareness (IA)
  2. Empowerment with Accountability (EA) and
  3. Collective /Community Action (CA) concepts

These special teachers, assisted by sensitized teachers from the school, will also take the first class session with the selected peer educators from students.

 Level 3 – Demonstration: Two Youth Health Champions – YHCs/peer educators will be selected from each section and will be trained by the Special Teachers in a separate intensive session, assisted by trained ‘class’ teachers. The YHCs discuss with their fellow students about situations that put youth at risk, as well as ways to handle them.

 Level 4 – Performance: The YHCs are guided to conduct health sessions for their fellow students. Special Teachers, wherever necessary and whenever possible with class teacher, will support and facilitate this training by assisting in scheduling and ensuring ongoing free flow of materials and case studies.